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. we are in jerusalem where president obama tomorrow will begin a visit to boost relations with israel, the palestinian authority, and jordan. for the united states, the war in iraq began ten years ago, but for iraqis, it never really ended. it began on a clear night, with military precision, as guided bombs brought shock and awe to baghdad. u.s. troops charged up through the desert, and soon baghdad was falling. iraq's oil money was supposed to pay for the war. it didn't work out that way. from now on, the war set its own agenda, an insurgency erupted that became a religious civil war. sunnis versus shiites, americans now stuck battling to keep the two sides from killing each other, and u.s. forces. iraqis accuse the united states of invading to find weapons of mass destruction that were never there, and destroying a delicate religious balance. the white house stopped claiming all was well in iraq, and thousands more troops surged. the violence dropped, and americans left, nine years, almost 4,500 troops killed, 32,000 wounded, 130,000 iraqi civilians killed. the cost, according to a
it back to you, don. >> thank you to christopher and renee marsh. >>> other news, president barack obama wrapping up his tour of the middle east before arriving in jordan. the president closed a three-day visit to israel with a solemn visit to the holocaust museum, reaffirming the jewish state's right to exist. he then met with jordan's king abdullah, promising 200million in aid to help the country as it struggles with a syrian refugee crisis. he also talked expectations for peace in the middle east. >> this was a trip to make sure i'm doing my homework. we set expectations low, precisely because there has been a lot of talk over decades, but it hasn't produced the results that everybody wants to see. let me listen to the parties first. >> straight to cnn's john king who is in amman, jordan. john, what is the most important agenda item in jordan for the president? >> reporter: don, the most important item is that aid you mentioned. jordan is being overwhelmed, swamped by refugees from syria coming in, several thousand a day, approaching the half million mark here. this country's economy
and their experiences on capitol hill. later we will get another look at the joint press conference with president obama and king abdullah. egypt remains divided with clashes continuing between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and those who oppose this government. theyshington on thursday, talk about egyptian politics and implications for the united states. personally oversaw the research or this project. she twisted my arm into doing this event, so thank you, and also to michele and samer. i will begin by rolling out the study that was released today, the type line was that egypt is not lost to islamists. non-islamists are increasingly competitive, in certain areas of the country, and should they choose to contest future elections, they are likely to pick up seats on their islamist rivals. before i walk you through that analysis, for those of you who do not follow the situation as closely, background is in order, which is after the january 25 revolution in 2011 that toppled mubarak, there were parliamentary it elections late 2011 and early 2012. that resulted in an islamist- dominated assembly in b
to the people of jordan. president obama have the dinner tonight with king abdullah gang continue to petra for beginning his trip back to the united states. the senate is in session tonight working on the 2014 federal budget. and holding votes on an unlimited number of amendments. more than 500 amendments have been offered and the senate could be in session into the early hours of morning. after the vote, they will begin their spring recess last two weeks. he can watch the senate on c- span2. >> monday night on first ladies, called in bigamist and adulterer during her husband's 1828 presidential campaign, ray told jackson dies of a heart attack before andrew l. jackson takes office. his knees because the white house hostess but his later dismissed -- his niece becomes the white house hostess but is later dismissed. we will include your questions and comments by phone, facebook and twitter by monday night at eastern on c-span and c-span3. also on skis and radio and c- remains the by the imam -- ahead of parliamentary elections. backed by president mohammad marcy and groups -- as a
, enough is enough, we're going to the united states where you're free to home school and applied for political asylum and the first judge ruled in their favor and the obama administration appealed and they won the second round and we appealed to the 6th circuit. >> clayton: they're going through the property channels of immigration, and fill out the proper paper work and want to be u.s. citizens presumably down the line and want to offer something back for schooling them and this is the thanks they get. >> exactly. the united states was founded originally by the pilgrims who came on the mayflower. it was the influence of holland on their children that caused them to leave from there and come to plymouth rock. this family is doing the exactly the same thing as the earliest american families. they came to this country for religious freedom and ability to protect their children and i'm glad that in 1600's the obama administration wasn't standing there to turn people back and say, no, we don't want your find here. >> mr. ferris, it doesn't make a lot of send. you can come here and do
are designed to prevent the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. ,e also, on this committee subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. falling,pparently is notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? i would note parenthetically that i believe in my reading of obamand amendment, barack is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their release f
so. and we must support president obama and senator finestien comprehensive effort to reform the gun laws, i support state and federal effort to keep the weapons off of our streets and out of our homes. i have directed our city agencies and law enforcement officials to move towards plans of action, to prioritize and create solutions that impact policy changes and take aggressive actions against the moment egregious types of gun violence and we are working hard and making more plans for more deeper, more wider gun buy back programs and events that will take place later this year. but no single mayor can stop gun violence alone. if we work together, as a city, as a community, as a region, as a state, and now, as importantly as a nation, if we work together as a nation, we can make real impact. forget the polls. forget the politics. forget the threats of this lobbying group or that lobbying group. we are doing what is necessary and what is the right thing to do. and we are not going to make any excuses for why we can't get it done. it is time to take a stand and it is time to stand for
is the sum of a dominican immigrant in the first hispanic to be named to president obama second term cabinet. the ceremony to case in the white house geese room this morning. here is a look. [background sounds] >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states accompanied by thomas perez. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. [applause] everybody have a seat. have a seat. as i have set before my top priority as president is doing everything we need to do to make sure that we are growing our economy and that we are strengthening our middle class. and as i said said in my state of the union address last month, every day we should be asking ourselves three questions. one, how do we make sure america is a magnet for good jobs? number two how do we equip people with the skills they need to get those jobs and number three, how do we make sure that hard work actually pays off with a decent living. these are the challenges that i've instructed my team at the white house and by entire cabinet to focus on and a position that's instrumental to tackling these challenges is having an outstanding s
Search Results 500 to 507 of about 508